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Featured News

Costs for Orally Administered Cancer Drugs Skyrocket - 04.28.2016

New cancer drugs, taken in pill form, have become dramatically more expensive in their first year on the market compared with drugs launched 15 years ago, calling into question the sustainability of a system that sets high prices at market entry in addition to rapidly increasing those prices over time.More »

Featured News

Nearly One in Four Babies in NICUs Receive Acid Suppressing Medication - 04.28.2016

Several published studies have associated the use of some acid suppression medications in hospitalized high-risk babies with infections, necrotizing enterocolitis and increased risk of death. And yet, a new study shows that during a seven-year period, 28,989 of 122,002 of babies, or 23.8%, received a histamine-2 receptor antagonist or proton pump inhibitor.More »

Featured News

Cholesterol Levels, Not Statins, Influence Colorectal Cancer Risk - 04.27.2016

Long-term use of the cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins does not appear to decrease a patient's risk of colorectal cancer, suggests a new, large case-control study.More »

Featured News

Flu Vaccinations Seen More Effective When Administered in the Morning - 04.27.2016

New research has shown that flu vaccinations are more effective when administered in the morning. The findings suggest administering vaccinations in the morning, rather than the afternoon, could induce greater, and thus more protective, antibody responses.More »

Featured News

Older Adults Need Better Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease - 04.25.2016

Prevention of cardiovascular events in elderly patients presents a therapeutic challenge because this age group is generally underrepresented in clinical trials, and doctors often assume that it is toMore »



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