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Featured News

New Approach to Tackling Uncontrolled High Blood Pressure Shows Significant Results - 08.27.2015

Scientists have successfully improved blood pressure control among patients with severe intolerance to antihypertensive medication -- by using medicines in unconventional ways and treating patients with a 'stepped care' approach (where the most effective yet least intensive treatment is delivered to patients first).More »

Featured News

Reducing Pain During Vaccination: New Guideline to Help Manage Pain in Children and Adults - 08.25.2015

A new Canadian guideline aims to ensure that pain during vaccination is minimized in both children and adults.More »

Featured News

Stopping Antihypertensive Therapy in Older Patients Did Not Improve Functioning - 08.25.2015

Discontinuing antihypertensive therapy for patients 75 or older with mild cognitive deficits did not improve short-term cognitive, psychological or general daily functioning, according to an article published online by JAMA Internal Medicine.More »

Featured News

Giving Pharmacists the Power to Combat Opioid Overdoses - 08.24.2015

In response to the growing opioid crisis, several states, including Massachusetts and Rhode Island, have granted pharmacists the authority to provide naloxone rescue kits without a prescription to at-risk patients.More »

Featured News

Ramelteon May Be Useful for Sleep Problems After TBI - 08.20.2015

Researchers found preliminary evidence for the effectiveness of ramelteon for the treatment of sleep disturbances after traumatic brain injury (TBI). Although it is approved for long-term treatment of insomnia, ramelteon had not been studied in the TBI population.More »



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