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Featured News

Most commonly prescribed glaucoma drug reduces risk of vision loss by more than 50% over 2 years - 12.19.2014

"Medication to lower raised eye pressure has been used for decades as the main treatment for OAG to delay progressive vision loss. But, until now, the extent to which the most frequently prescribed class of pressure-lowering drugs (prostaglandin analogues) have a protective effect on vision was not known," explains David Garway-Heath, lead author and International Glaucoma Association Professor of Ophthalmology at the NIHR Biomedical Research Centre at MoorfMore »

Featured News

High-Dose Flu Vaccine Superior for Frail Elderly Living in Long-Term Care Facilities - 12.18.2014

The high-dose flu vaccine is significantly better than the regular flu shot at boosting the immune response to the flu virus in frail, older residents of long-term care facilities, according to the results of a University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine study.More »

Featured News

Mild Memory, Thinking Issues: What Works, What Doesn't? - 12.17.2014

For up to one in five Americans over age 65, getting older brings memory and thinking problems- along with the embarrassment of not being as "sharp" as they once were, and the worry that it will get mMore »

Featured News

Patients don't understand risks of unnecessary antibiotics, study shows - 12.16.2014

Over prescription of antibiotics is a major factor driving one of the biggest public health concerns today: antibiotic resistance. In a first-of-its-kind study, research led by the George Washington University suggests that public health educational materials may not address the misconceptions that shape why patients expect antibiotics, driving doctors to prescribe them more. The research appeared in October in the journal Medical Decision Making.More »

Featured News

Tamoxifen Reduces Breast Cancer Rates by Nearly a Third for 20 Years - 12.11.2014

The preventive effect of breast cancer drug 'tamoxifen' remains virtually constant for at least 20 years -- with rates reduced by around 30 per cent -- new analysis published in The Lancet Oncology reveals.More »



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