Black Is the New Gray in Pharmaceuticals

For generations, many greedy, scheming businessmen in this country have been buying and then selling goods from the so-called gray market to unsuspecting consumers. While the notion of a gray market may vary from person to person, it is defined basically as a market created by selling legal goods outside of a manufacturer’s authorized trading channels.More »

Pharmacist dispensed M&Ms instead of pain pills

A Utah pharmacist recently pled no contest to charges he filled a fraudulent prescription with M&Ms instead of pain pills, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune. Robert Lammle, 53, pled no contest to felony, third-degree charges of falsely obtaining or dispensing a prescription.More »

Too Little, Too Late

There is nothing more heartwrenching than watching someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness slowly slip away after all medical treatment and drug-therapy options have been exhausted. This is particularly true when the person is a close friend or relative, and the experience engenders a feeling of overwhelming helplessness.More »

The Ethical Pharmacist

During their careers, most pharmacists have to deal with a number of state and federal regulatory issues. The laws that pharmacists must follow as a condition of maintaining their license to practice pharmacy in good standing are pretty clear and are enforced by such regulatory agencies as State Boards of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the FDA, to name a few. However, as is the case for most medical professionals, pharmacists follow other, more personal rules and regulations that are not always so well defined. These fall under the general heading of ethics, and the difficult decisions they engender have plagued many pharmacists in performing their daily professional duties.More »


I work in mostly rural Texas and like to share my observations traveling and doing relief - The narcotic usage is getting scary - doctors see patients and treat with hydrocodone and Xanax or Valium - patients like the outcome and are back for more and the doctor builds a clientele and an income base that is steady as clockwork. Now I know that is not true of all doctors, but true of some.More »

Substance abuse patients suffer from privacy rules, agency says

As a follow up to my article in the May 2014 edition of US Pharmacist on protected healthcare privacy rights under the 4th Amendment, here is a story about how sharing protected health information may impede patient care in substance abuse treatment. My question is what's more important: unfettered access to protected data or patient confidentiality that can be waived by the patient when necessary?More »

Court Warrant Needed for Access to Prescription Records.

The May edition of US Pharmacist will have an article I wrote on police access to prescription drug monitoring programs. The Wall Street Article published an article on May 7, 2014 on a similar subject in a more generic version. See: for more details.More »

Not Your Average Joe- An Insight Into Addiction

“I didn’t choose to be a junkie, I woke up one day and was one! I’m 39 years old and I’ve lost everything….my wife, my son and my business. And yet, I can’t promise that I will never do it again”. Meet “Joe”, an otherwise friendly, intelligent, and good natured guy plagued with one major flaw, he’s a recovering heroin addict. He share’s his story of how prescription pain killers led to his demise.More »

Getting No Respect Is Not a Joke

I used to belly laugh every time I heard comic Rodney Dangerfield utter his now-iconic line “I get no respect,” which was usually followed by a barrage of jokes. I can’t help thinking that many pharmacists can probably do the same act but without the jokes, because for a dedicated healthcare professional, getting no respect is not so funny.More »

Wholesalers lock out indepenent pharmacies ordering controlled medications

How many independent pharmacies have been locked out on controlled medications. My pharmacy has been locked out.
The three suppliers have given no legal reason for their actions. The only reason is a compliance department has made this decision based on DEA policy! THERE IS NO DEA POLICY!
Please respond if your pharmacy has been affected.More »

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