Getting No Respect Is Not a Joke

I used to belly laugh every time I heard comic Rodney Dangerfield utter his now-iconic line “I get no respect,” which was usually followed by a barrage of jokes. I can’t help thinking that many pharmacists can probably do the same act but without the jokes, because for a dedicated healthcare professional, getting no respect is not so funny.More »

Wholesalers lock out indepenent pharmacies ordering controlled medications

How many independent pharmacies have been locked out on controlled medications. My pharmacy has been locked out.
The three suppliers have given no legal reason for their actions. The only reason is a compliance department has made this decision based on DEA policy! THERE IS NO DEA POLICY!
Please respond if your pharmacy has been affected.More »

Things That Make Me Go Ugh!!! My Top 12 Retail Pharmacy Nuisances.

Don’t you just love it when you’ve just finished printing out your end of the night paper work and you are preparing to shut the gate to the pharmacy then suddenly a customer comes plowing into your counter and exclaims “Phew, just in time…I made it with 2 minutes left!” and hands you two new scripts. Ugh!!! REALLY? I bite my tongue even though I’m boiling inside and really wish I could scream expletives, but instead, I smile politely and say “just a minute.”More »

Survey of CS drug patients

"The majority of people who suffer from chronic pain feel they are treated like drug addicts during their pharmacy visits, and nearly one-third of pain sufferers showed concern they are being embarrassed by their healthcare provider."More »

Married hearts are stronger than single

It seems that marriage and the care of women by men has advantages and effects on the heart of the female. A recent study has indicated that married women are less likely to die of heart disease and strokes than non-married, and it is as a result a set of economic and social factors related to their lifestyle.More »

Polio in Syria

One way to measure the horrific suffering of Syria’s increasingly violent war is through the experience of Syrian children. More than one million children are now refugees. At least 11,500 have been killed because of the armed conflict, well over half of these because of the direct bombing of schools, homes, and health centers, and roughly 1,500 have been executed, shot by snipers or tortured to death. At least 128 were killed in the chemical massacre in August.More »

Don’t Lose Sight of the Bigger Picture

In our daily lives, things can at times get quite complicated. It just happens that way. Time is in such short supply and just when you may think that you have it figured out, the game of life gets changed again. So many of us work long hours, and we try so hard to also apply personal and family obligations to our daily schedule. Sometimes it works and sometimes it may fall short. We try to make a difference in the life of a patient, but we cannot fall short on those patients that may be family members.More »

A Healthy Decision

Last month, CVS Caremark announced it would snuff out its business practice of selling cigarettes and other tobacco products in all of its more than 7,600 CVS/pharmacy stores nationwide. After October of this year, smokers will have to go someplace other than a CVS store to purchase their cigarettes and other tobacco products. And while the vast majority of healthcare professionals would probably concur with this decision, there are a still some pharmacists who say the purchasing choice should be in the hands of the patient, not the pharmacy.More »

Stressed? INDEED! But Do We All Deserve To Take A Pill?

“Because I’m happy....
Clap along if you feel, like a room with-out a roof
Because I’m happy..."More »

Pot of Green for Pharmacists

For some retailers in Colorado, a leprechaun’s pot of gold remains a mere Irish fantasy. A pot of green, on the other hand, is definitely real thanks to a new state law making it legal for some stores to sell marijuana for recreational use to adults 21 years and older.More »

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