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Survey of CS drug patients

"The majority of people who suffer from chronic pain feel they are treated like drug addicts during their pharmacy visits, and nearly one-third of pain sufferers showed concern they are being embarrassed by their healthcare provider."More »

More on Compounding Lethal Injection Drugs

Another blogger's take on lethal injection drug compounding from the Pharmacy Learing Network: »

Eighth Circuit issues mandate prohibiting district court from requiring Missouri officials to reveal identity of physician, phar

The full Court of the Eighth Circuit has overruled one of its panels and issued a mandate requested by the Missouri Director of Corrections, prohibiting the district court from requiring the Director to disclose to plaintiffs the identities of the physician who prescribes pentobarbital injection for executions, the compounding pharmacy that prepares the lethal injections, and the testing laboratory that certifies the composition of the lethal injections used in Missouri.More »

Oversight of large compounding pharmacies widened by FDA

The FDA is preparing more guidelines and regulations, pressing "outsourcers" to register and calling for state support to strengthen its control over drug compounders that operate as prescription drugmakers.More »

Federal Compounding Bill Signed Into Law by President

On the afternoon of Nov. 27, President Barack Obama signed into law the Drug Quality and Security Act (H.R. 3204). The bill distinguishes compounders engaged in traditional pharmacy practice from those making large volumes of compounded drugs without individual prescriptions as well as defines the Food and Drug Administration’s role in oversight of outsourcing facilities.More »

Hydrocodone products not rescheduled yet.

There have been many reports in both the lay and professional media concerning the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) scheduling status of hydrocodone products. This may cause some confusion among pharmacists. Hydrocodone and products containing hydrocodone are Schedule III drugs and will remain so in the near future.More »

More on generic OxyContin

"Actavis will be able to sell defined quantities of a generic version or an authorized generic version of reformulated OxyContin as early as next year, according to Purdue Pharma L.P., the manufacturer of the opioid analgesic.More »

UPS settles with feds over its role in shipping drugs from online pharmacies; FedEx still under investigation

According to the American Association for Pharmacy Law (ASPL) Newsletter:(source)

"The Associated Press reported on March 29 that UPS has agreed to pay $40 million in settlement to end a federal probe into its deliveries of drugs shipped by illicit online pharmacies.More »

Generic OxyContin Pains the FDA

There's lots of confusion over the availability of generic OxyContin (oxycodone)now that the patent for the original form of the drug expired on April 16, 2013. It does not appear that generic versions will be available soon however. Beware of online "pharmacies" advertising generic oxycodone availability. They are usually fakes or substandard versions.More »

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