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Role of compounding pharmacies in pediatric solutions.

Many children face difficulty in swallowing capsules and tablets. So, Compounding specialists can work together with pediatricians to fulfill the child need.

The role of Compound medications in Hepatitis therapy

Hepatitis patients are suffering from inflammation of the liver and presence of inflammatory cells in the tissue of the organ.The common causes are sexual transmission,ingestion of toxic substances anMore »

Taking the Pulse of Pharmacy

One thing I’ve learned during my years in this profession is that pharmacists have strong opinions and are not shy about voicing them. That’s why we feature a poll every month on the U.S. Pharmacist website ( Though this poll may not be considered statistically valid by some standards, it does allow us to quickly take the pulse of pharmacy on a number of issues. Over the last half decade, in fact, we have posed some 70 questions to pharmacists visiting the site. The results are immediately tabulated and available so that you can see how your answer stacks up against those of other pharmacists. While space does not allow me to list all the questions, I’ve chosen some I thought would be of interest to most pharmacists.More »

Fatty lever disease and compounding treatment

During fatty lever disease metabolic system get affected heavily, here compounding medication helps you to get start working of metabolic system efficiently to get rid of this disease easily.

Taking a "Shot" at Pharmacists?

“I tell everyone… do not get a shot… of any kind… at a pharmacy”. With a stern look on her face and her words spoken firmly and with purpose, she delivered her message loud and clear. Thank you very much Debbie Russo for “black balling” the entire pharmacy profession and labeling all pharmacists as incompetent immunizers! What an insult! Nothing like a direct blow to my ego to start the day off right. I was so angry that I had to refrain from throwing my remote control at the TV screen but instead muffled a few not so lady like profanities under my breath. I was mad and had every right to be!More »

Compound medication for Pain Management

Compound medication can be the a better option for different pain managements like arthritis, neuropathic pain, cancer pain or injury pain.

Compound medication for Pain Management

Compound medication can be the a better option for different pain managements like arthritis, neuropathic pain, cancer pain or injury pain.

Compounding medication for Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

Customizing Medications and offering alternatives and advantages for Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists can be useful for patients needed dermatology and Plastic surgery services.

The Glass Is Half Full

I’ve been a licensed pharmacist for 45 years. For the first few years after becoming credentialed, I bounced around from one retail pharmacy to another searching for the ideal position. I even managed a supermarket pharmacy for 3 years and did a short stint in a relatively small hospital pharmacy. But what I really wanted was a store of my own. My dream eventually came true … twice. I became the owner and operator of two independent pharmacies that brought me a great deal of personal and professional pleasure.More »

Is "IT" In You?

Having been a retail pharmacist for 15 years, I can’t help but notice those student’s that just seem to have “it” while others just don’t. Throughout the years, I have been able to evaluate and observe various students while on rotation or hired as technicians. I got to thinking, how is it that they are all put through the same process while in school and yet there are such definable and distinct differences in preparedness, attitude and respect for this profession? I wonder, what is it that they think awaits them once they graduate pharmacy school? What experiences have enabled some to gain the “it” factor while others fall short of the mark?More »

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