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MTM Pharmacist

Innovative Medication Safety and Adherence Pharmacy Consulting

The profession of pharmacy continues to promote and try to expand the opportunities for pharmacists to provide medication therapy management (MTM) services.More »

Rethinking how students and residents learn about career options

Two events collided for me recently that suggested there was a real and significant information gap for students in PharmD and other training programs regarding types of jobs to prepare for and pursue following completion of said training. The schools of pharmacy offer some additional career guidance but it's limited, as first-hand interactions with a number of students confirmed for me.More »

MSL Tribe - a blog on the MSL role

Though PharmQD is a pharmacist social network, I recognize that many pharmacists either are MSLs, work with MSLs or at a minimum wonder what MSLs do. I also recognize that many pharmacists don't know a great deal about the pharmaceutical industry, at least what it's like to be a professional within that industry. Having worked in pharma for nearly 14 years, in various medical affairs roles and companies, I'd like to call attention to the various resources you, as pharmacists, can access to understand this group of professionals, many of whom are pharmacists.More »

If ALS Got An Ice Bucket What Do We Do For Obesity?

A picture on Facebook, a causal run in at the supermarket or at our kids school, we’ve all come in contact with people that we notice have “put on a few pounds”. We think to ourselves oh my goodness, so and so “got fat” or wow she put on weight or holy cow, he got really heavy? Sound familiar? Yes, admit it. You’re guilty of it too! It’s no secret or surprise that we as a society are extremely judgmental especially when it comes to physical appearance. As adults we blame our weight struggles on our bad genes, our age, metabolism, stress and lack of time to exercise. Feel free to add to the list just in case I've missed any. Maybe some of these explanations do hold some weight (yes, pun intended) but truth be told most are just excuses for us being down right lazy and/or over indulgers.More »

Fixing Healthcare

It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law on March 23, 2010. As it turns out, despite the blizzard of political controversy and protests, obvious and unfortunate missteps with the enrollment Website, and legal challenges, the law touches, or will touch, the lives of nearly every American to some degree. Politics aside, its basic objectives remain intact: making affordable healthcare coverage accessible to millions of Americans who are uninsured; placing controls on insurance companies’ costs and reimbursement policies while generally holding them more accountable for their actions; and placing more emphasis on promoting wellness instead of treating disease. No question, that is a pretty tall order, and there is no shortage of skeptics who are quick to disparage the law’s lofty goals.More »

Pharmacy Crime Statistics

In a recent edition of US Pharmacist, I wrote an article about armed robberies in pharmacy, Here's a chart with some statistics about your chances of being robbed.More »

Generic Fosamax for poor bone density

Generic Fosamax is really good in treating the osteoporosis and Paget’s disease in womens.More »

Black Is the New Gray in Pharmaceuticals

For generations, many greedy, scheming businessmen in this country have been buying and then selling goods from the so-called gray market to unsuspecting consumers. While the notion of a gray market may vary from person to person, it is defined basically as a market created by selling legal goods outside of a manufacturer’s authorized trading channels.More »

ED Soft Trial Pack

Ed Soft Trial Pack is a pack which has two pack of Generic Pills available online.

Pharmacist dispensed M&Ms instead of pain pills

A Utah pharmacist recently pled no contest to charges he filled a fraudulent prescription with M&Ms instead of pain pills, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune. Robert Lammle, 53, pled no contest to felony, third-degree charges of falsely obtaining or dispensing a prescription.More »

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