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Best University in India

As a result of our commitment to innovation we are close to getting project approval and funding from various government bodies like DRDO, DST, AISTE, UGC and CSIR to focus on strengthening indigenousMore »

Fixing Healthcare

It’s hard to believe that 4 years have passed since President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law on March 23, 2010. As it turns out, despite the blizzard of political controversy and protests, obvious and unfortunate missteps with the enrollment Website, and legal challenges, the law touches, or will touch, the lives of nearly every American to some degree. Politics aside, its basic objectives remain intact: making affordable healthcare coverage accessible to millions of Americans who are uninsured; placing controls on insurance companies’ costs and reimbursement policies while generally holding them more accountable for their actions; and placing more emphasis on promoting wellness instead of treating disease. No question, that is a pretty tall order, and there is no shortage of skeptics who are quick to disparage the law’s lofty goals.More »

Pharmacy Crime Statistics

In a recent edition of US Pharmacist, I wrote an article about armed robberies in pharmacy, Here's a chart with some statistics about your chances of being robbed.More »

Generic Fosamax for poor bone density

Generic Fosamax is really good in treating the osteoporosis and Paget’s disease in womens.More »

Black Is the New Gray in Pharmaceuticals

For generations, many greedy, scheming businessmen in this country have been buying and then selling goods from the so-called gray market to unsuspecting consumers. While the notion of a gray market may vary from person to person, it is defined basically as a market created by selling legal goods outside of a manufacturer’s authorized trading channels.More »

ED Soft Trial Pack

Ed Soft Trial Pack is a pack which has two pack of Generic Pills available online.

Pharmacist dispensed M&Ms instead of pain pills

A Utah pharmacist recently pled no contest to charges he filled a fraudulent prescription with M&Ms instead of pain pills, according to a report in the Salt Lake Tribune. Robert Lammle, 53, pled no contest to felony, third-degree charges of falsely obtaining or dispensing a prescription.More »

Too Little, Too Late

There is nothing more heartwrenching than watching someone who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness slowly slip away after all medical treatment and drug-therapy options have been exhausted. This is particularly true when the person is a close friend or relative, and the experience engenders a feeling of overwhelming helplessness.More »

compounded nitrogen mustard


I was hoping to speak to any pharmacists that compound nitrogen mustard. My cell is 484-772-0002. If you pick this up within the next month please give me a call.


The Ethical Pharmacist

During their careers, most pharmacists have to deal with a number of state and federal regulatory issues. The laws that pharmacists must follow as a condition of maintaining their license to practice pharmacy in good standing are pretty clear and are enforced by such regulatory agencies as State Boards of Pharmacy, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and the FDA, to name a few. However, as is the case for most medical professionals, pharmacists follow other, more personal rules and regulations that are not always so well defined. These fall under the general heading of ethics, and the difficult decisions they engender have plagued many pharmacists in performing their daily professional duties.More »

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