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I currently have an opportunity to open a new independent pharmacy, with 1 - 2 pharmacists plus technicians, (if succesful). Big question is should I do it?

Is it profitable in the current (2012) reimbursement environment to open an independent pharmacy in New York City (1 - 2 pharmacists).
1. If successful, what can be expected as "net" annual profit?
2. This "net" amount assumes how many scripts a day?
3. Does this already include the OTC end of the business?
4. What is the biggest attraction for customers to come to the independant versus going to the large chain stores?

I would immensely appreciate a detailed response from current retail owners or individuals truly knowledgable in their finances. This would assist me in this decision process.


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hi my name is saul gama i

hi my name is saul gama

i would first ask if this pharmacy is already in existence ask the owner for numbers on daily rx count and and estimate of how much they are making on each rx, see if there is doctors around the area and if those doctors are pediatricians , how many employee they have and their salaries and also pharmacists unless you are going to run it since the beginning, now with the new changes its count to be very hard to make a profit but if you have a good amount of repeat customers you should be fine