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What do I do when my boss is blaming me for his mistakes?


Any suggestions for me? I am a certified technician since 1999. I have worked in pharmacy for 25+ years. My direct boss (pharmacy manager) has been with the company I work for approx 4 years and still doesn't know how to do alot of what is required for the pharmacists and/or manager. I end up doing his managerial stuff. Recently it has come to my attention via several customers of ours that he blames me for his mistakes or times when he can't find something etc. I have talked to the pharmacy district manager several times but to not much avail. He knows that I do most of the manager's work. It is so frustrating! I know our job is to make the job of the pharmacist easier, but come on...he calls me at home when I'm off to ask questions and when he starts misleading customers about "my" mistakes, I take offense. I hate to say much to the customers, but I don't want them thinking I messed up or hid stuff from the pharmacist either. How do I handle this?
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