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History of Pharmacy through antiquity and collectables

I must admit that collecting Pharmacy antiquity is a slow process but when that one item is found,it is rewarding.

You never know what can be found at antique stores in remote areas or even in a patient's attic.

Collecting "real antiquity" invoves a knowlege of the profession and the art of collecting, less you find could be fackery. Buyer beware but true treasures can be found if you look carefully.

I selected a few of my colletables and want to share them with you. I hope you find them interesting and educational.
View some of my collections at

With kind regards
Rick Hansen RPh

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I posted a side show of my pharmacy collectables.
Hope you enjoy.
or View on YouTube using the link below

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Tom, google BOTTLE SHOW CALENDAR and you'll find out where the bottle shows are and when. Bottle shows are the best place to see lots of pharmacy stuff as well as Rx bottles. Take cash, it is the best medium for striking a deal. Most of the sellers would rather drive back home with a pocket full of dough than a van full of unsold bottles. The Baltimore club has a great big show at the Univ of MD near Timonium. I got a big Sharpe & Dohme sign there a couple of years ago, as well as a bunch of great bottles. Pittsburgh has a good one in November. Looks like Illinois has several in the coming months. Happy hunting, Best Regards, Everett.

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This is going to be a great group!
It can be easily be an obsession.
I have Two, Pharmacy antiques/bottles/etc
and coin collecting (US Mint Proof Sets).
Why US Mint? To avoid the China Fakes. It has almost ruined the hobby. Don't know if China will start up replica pharmacy bottles but I'm sure it will be comming.
I just posted a video you might find interesting.
A patient of mine found an old drug patent/copyright filed in 1928. Pretty interesting.
The pharmacist/inventor took legal steps to patent the drug "Red Top Kurzits Capsules".
I've been searching for a bottle or box that would compliment the legal doucument. If anyone finds the product/box, please let me know.
To view the patent document go to by Web Site located
at Its located on the site under the menue "Pharmacy Antiques"

Share your opinion as to it's value. I have no clue.


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Thanks for starting this group. I look forward to the conversations etc here. I always am on the look out for interesting bottles whenever i step into a second hand shop, antique shop etc.... Almost an obsession really? huh??

thanks again