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Community Health Systems
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Compoundia Pharmacy


Westlake Village, CA
United States
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Compoundia Pharmacy is a leading compounding pharmacy in the state of Westlake Village, California, specializing in custom compounding including sterile injectables for human use in our human pharmacy division.

We cater to the requirements of physicians in diverse areas of medicine, be it BHRT, pain management, pediatrics, dermatology & plastic surgery, urology, OB/GYN, podiatry, neurology, gastroenterology, dentistry, cosmetology, and sports medicine.

Our patients benefit from the range of compounding medications that we provide them in the form of a flavored liquid suspension, topical gels and creams that can be absorbed through skin, suppositories, sublingual troches, or even lollipops.

Compoundia Pharmacy knows the importance of creating custom compounded hospice medications for Hospice patients; our commitment has always been quality and service. With years of experience we can prepare alternative drug forms for the right compounded medication. Our pharmacist can make different dosages and forms to enhance patient compliance.

We have a caring and knowledgeable staff that understands and will attend to your needs. A compound pharmacist is always available to answer any questions. Our experience, expertise, dedication, and our willingness to help coupled with competitively priced compound medications and a quick delivery to our customers has made us the leading compound pharmacy in California.

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