Impatient Patient ... So we first thought.

A gentleman approached the pharmacy and requested a refill along with his comment "I'm in a lot of pain". The pharmacy staff sensed a urgent request and quickly began the processing of his prescriptive request.More »


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Running Produces a Better Effect than Walking for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast cancer is undoubtedly a fatal disease, but fortunately, there are ways to increase the life span of the sufferer to some more years.More »

Which pharmacy should I choose for my career?

I am a pre-pharmacy student. I am applying to pharmacy school this year both out of state and in state. I have got some invitation letters to apply to the schools, but I do not know about these schools at all. One of them is LECOM or Lake Erie College of Osteopathy Medicine in Pennsylvania. Do you guys have any glue about this school? If you do, can you give me some feedback? Thanks!More »

Working Impaired OK

I worked as a retail pharmacist for 35 years. I had a tumor sitting on my fiscal & acoustic nerve. Did surgery and they did not get all of it. Then I had radiation to stop the growth of it, causing total hearing loss on the left side, chronic headache, dizziness & balance problems.
I came to the realization I must live with the side effect. This would be my new normal it was not going to change.More »

CASE STUDY #1 (Refill too soon, narcotic) Story Format

CASE STUDY #1 (Real case from daily practice)More »

Prescription Error and Pharmacy Negligence

Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to dispense the proper medication to patients who trust their expertise and knowledge.More »

Understanding our patients

I believe that as pharmacy technicians we have more impact on our patients than any other staff.More »

Pharmacy Technician Salary

A pharmacy technician salary is not going to make one wealthy, however pharmacy technicians are expected to be in increased demand over the next few years.More »

Job satisfaction

The best day at work is when I feel that I have made a difference in a patients life either by suggesting an alternate drug that may be more economical for them or by catching a major drug interaction that would potentially cause them harm--and the patient recognizes that and shows gratitude for it.More »

Why I love being a pharmacist!!

After working in a pharmacy while I was in high school, my childhood dream was to become the best pharmacist possible.

I graduated from the UT College of Pharmacy in Austin, TX, in 1965.

Pharmacy has been my passion. I love greeting every patient with a smile, filling their prescriptions, talking and counseling them. Having them leave with a smile on their faces gives me much satisfaction. I try to make every patient happy no matter how sick they are.More »

Ophthalmologist Fights Against Hunger - Helps the Needy

A fall-out of the economic crisis in this country is that people are finding themselves unable to afford their insurance premiums and thus foregoing needed preventive care. One of those things falling by the wayside is regular Eye Exams. From now until Thanksgiving Liberty Vision is sponsoring a benefit for the CT Food Bank.More »

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